My name is Sam McGlone and I am the founder of Humanist One. 

Think about this. It is estimated that 40 to 50 million adults in the US categorize ourselves as non-religious and unaffiliated. We are considered as ‘Nones.’ With this many people, why aren’t we one of the most powerful groups in this country?

We are simply not organized well enough. 

Our community is fractured. We are expending too much effort setting ourselves apart from one another rather than focusing on the common themes that bind us. There are literally thousands of groups on sites like Facebook and Meetup.com of people who share common philosophical and ethical views on life. We need to come together.  

We are afraid to share our secular views

Non-religious people are still looked down upon by many in our society. Most of us would prefer not to discuss our views, especially in the workplace, for fear of retribution. We also don’t feel the need to explain our positions to people of faith because they rarely listen or understand.

Humanist One has formed to help solve these issues. We will come together as unclassified freethinkers to form a very large and powerful organization. We will help to drive humanity in the right direction. Our goal is to help you find your passion and purpose and to achieve prosperity while doing it. Humanist One will belong to you.  Join us now!


We will unite with a band of eight precepts that will serve as a common bond for all of us, strengthening our ties as a group. 

The eight guiding precepts are:

  1. Equality – Nothing is more important.  Regardless of race, religion, gender or ethnicity, we are all human.
  1. Rationality – We use reason and science to help solve human problems.  We are not guided by faith.
  1. Altruism – Our value as a human is based on helping others. We work together and for each other.
  1. Passion – You need to have it. It gives you drive to find purpose.
  1. Healthy mind – The mind is an organ that needs to be kept active and healthy. We are critical thinkers and our minds are our most valuable tool.
  1. Healthy body – Having a healthy body enables us to do the things we want and need to do. Regular exercise and healthy eating keep us strong in body and mind.
  1. Healthy planet – The health of our planet is vital. We live here and must take care of our home.
  1. Prosperity – This does not mean becoming wealthy or rich. What it means to us, is that we can live our lives without financial fear. We have all the money we need to pay our bills with some left over for entertainment, and savings to retire. With prosperity, we can find time in our lives and make our purpose.
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