While Conception works with our members from all around the world, Celebration is focused on bringing local members together and creating a revenue producing asset. Celebration focuses on our freethinking towns and enhancing long term prosperity for it’s members.

In the US, Christianity uses a very successful sales model to create hundreds of billions of dollars of worth. Every week Christians willingly hand money over to their churches. If a person gave just $20 a week throughout their lifetime, this could amount to over half a million dollars after a modest amount of interest is accrued. People are getting together with their church friends and giving away their retirement.

Churches don’t just rely on charitable donations. Owning commercial real estate has become a major asset for religious organizations. They use many of their buildings to earn monthly income while at the same time gaining equity in their real estate properties. Churches themselves have multiple revenue streams available to them including the hosting of religious ceremonies such as funerals, weddings and childhood education. These create big revenues and strong, long term profitable income for church organizations.

At Humanist One, we will do things a little differently.

Let us introduce you to the Humanist One Confluence (H1C). A facility owned by the members of Humanist One. Through an equity based crowdfunding platform, members will be able to own a share of the real estate AND the monthly profits from the facility. The higher the membership level the more prosperity members can create for themselves.

H1C will be the go-to place for Celebration. It will be a multi-use facility that can be used by the secular community for weekly gatherings. These events will include secular weddings and non-religious funeral services. Most importantly though, H1C will host weekly gatherings called the Meeting of the Minds. This is where we will discuss and promote ideas for the development of our secular community, including what needs done on a local and national basis.

H1C will also develop talent in the Arts. We will host multiple local competitions, celebrating singing, dancing, acting and other artistic expressions. Profitable revenue will come from dance nights, comedy nights and business incubator meetings.

Developing and supporting the secular business community will also be vital to the growth of H1C.   It will become an important place for business owners and professionals to come and network. Learning ways to grow our businesses and spreading wealth and opportunity to freethinkers is key to enhancing relationships and the growth of our movement.

As our membership grows, we will focus on which local communities are ready to position H1C in their area.

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