The Conception stage is all about ideas. You have identified a problem and your mind has been working hard to develop a solution. Once you’ve thought of one, you know it will change things for the better. Not just for you, but for many people. Eureka; it is going to be a revelation! This is the formation of your baby. Your Conception. It’s the true beginning of your journey and the founding of your purpose. The question then becomes: where do you go with it? How do you get your concept to where it needs to be so that it can do all that you want it to do? You have been waiting a long time. You want it done right and in a timely manner.  

Humanist One is the answer. 

We will partner with you to provide all the necessary resources you need – from business building to funding. We will walk with you every step along the way. All that we ask in return is that you share your returns with our members, keeping prosperity within our community.

Let’s make it happen!

Everyone has an idea. Freethinkers have innovative minds and are unrivaled problem solvers in our society. We want to help you take your ideas for a service, an invention or gadget, an app or a new food and turn them into reality.

Once you bring your idea to us we help by:

  • Keeping it confidential
  • Completing signed agreements is the first step in the process so we can be sure to keep your idea safe
  • Asking: what does the innovation solve?
    • Rather than focusing on the idea itself, we ask what problems it can solve. Then we refine this concept so that anyone can understand it when it is presented to them
  • Looking at possible competition
    • We look at what else is already out there and where your idea fits into the market.
  • Defining your role
    • We assess how you can contribute to the process of turning your project into a revenue producer
  • Defining our role
    • Lastly, we decide how Humanist One and our funders will share prosperity with you on your project

All our innovations and ideas will be supporting one or more of our precepts. As a funding member – which includes Creators, Directors and Angels – you will have a say in which project(s) we support. You can pick and choose concepts that are more appealing to you and your needs, or are dear to your heart. The higher the level of membership, the more voting power you will yield in the decision-making process and the more royalties you may be eligible for later down the track.

The Conception stage will build copious amounts of prosperity for our members. It will also create many new entrepreneurs and create a plethora of job opportunities. Keeping that abundance in the freethinking community is one of our goals.

Have an idea? Let’s talk about it.

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