Enlightenment is all about educating. What can we do to bring up a generation that will naturally follow our precepts? How do we put an emphasis on things like equality and altruism at a very young age?  How do we teach a worldview when it comes to eating healthy and making the mind stronger? How do we turn a generation into “we” thinkers as opposed to “me” thinkers? The Humanist One Academy (H1A) is the answer.  A Kindergarten through 12 charter school program that will provide this valuable education to children of our members. A school system that is owned and financed by members of Humanist One. A for profit entity that we can dictate the curriculum and build wealth and prosperity for members through real estate ownership.

A strong mind is not about intelligence. It is a mind that is molded to be flexible and durable to be able to withstand life’s many pressures. A mind that will resist the temptations of the many forms of addiction. A mind that will be taught that empathy is an asset. A mind that thrives with ideas and optimism. A mind that will always look at reason and science to find the answers. These are the minds that H1A will bring to the world.

Once through H1A, it is time to further the education experience at the highest level. We welcome students to the Humanist One University (H1U). A college based online learning experience that furthers the fundamentals of H1A. Highlighting a world where opportunity exists for those who continue to seek knowledge.  H1U prepares students for many skill sets, with an emphasis on science, technology and the arts. Once graduated, these students will be in a great position to carry on the work of Humanist One in growing the freethinking community on a local and national basis. They will be the next generation of idea people, and the new creators of entertainment.

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