This is the beginning of our journey. When it all starts to come together. The climate in America is ripe for a secular revolution. Our time to shine is now.

Do our precepts fit into your own philosophies and way of life?  Then NOW is the right time for you to join us.  Ignite your passion, find your purpose and build prosperity.

I am ONE!

We grow stronger in unity. Promoting our vision, helping to spread the message and engage others who are like us, is our focus in this campaign. Highlighting our similarities and banding together as one is our mission. To grow and strengthen, we need to boost our numbers and we do that through self-promotion and spreading the message. We want you to shout it from the rooftops – I am no longer lost amongst the none: I am One!

 A Humanist One…



Advocates are excited about the possibilities that Humanist One offers and want to be part of it. These are our foundation level members. They have a strong social sphere with many freethinking contacts. They have a small amount of time to help promote Humanist One. For now, Advocates just want to get in at the ground level where it is easy to sign up. Advocates are also existing entrepreneurs and business owners that understand the importance of joining forces to develop their own organization.  


Builders are the driving force behind Humanist One.  They are Advocates but also entrepreneurial in spirit. Builders also have a desire to build their personal spheres and motivate people with their passion.  They can see personal growth and income opportunities for those that desire to take that path. Other Builders are idea people. They live to create solutions to problems. They come to Humanist One for idea development assistance and also for resources to launch their concept.  


Funders are leaders. They have a good understanding of business and have a critical eye. Funders have strong social connections and ideas to share but they can also offer advice for other aspiring business owners. They are also willing to contribute financially to support and help develop existing and aspiring freethinking entrepreneurs.  Their financial growth philosophies are to diversify in multiple opportunities with methodical growth.


Angels are risk takers and long-term thinkers. They have larger amounts of money to expose.  They know the financial value of one great success story can outweigh any of the others that come before it. They are business-savvy and entrepreneurial with a large social sphere. They also want more say in how ideas are developed and project funds are managed.

Remember that we have immense power together.  We need the right people to move Humanist One forward in this developmental stage. To walk us into the revolution. Members at all levels are vital to our success and we encourage you to sign up for free today to be part of this from the very beginning. Start on the ground level as am Advocate and help us build and grow. There’s no financial obligation, just a small commitment of time to promote our cause.

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